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I often get asked how to lose weight without dieting.  I quickly tell them one word, JUICING.  I also tell people that dieting is never a long term routine that any can follow, however if they eat more calories than what their body burns then they will never lose weight.  So a strict discipline and awareness of what you eat is still recommended.

I recommend juicing to lose weight is because it is very simple for people to implement in daily.  First of all, it is simply delicious and most people will have no problem drinking juice several times a day.  Second reason, it is an easy way to consume all the fruits and vegetables you need every day.  It is a lot easier to drink a glass of juice with all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

To start juicing you will need a juicer.  There are many top rated juicers out there.  I would suggest you go to if you are looking for the best juicers on the market.  Read their reviews and invest in a good juicer for leafy greens.

I have a Breville juicer that I have been using for 3 years now.  I can tell you that my juicing machine is one of the best investments I've made that has made a big impact to my daily diet.  There are many cheap juicers but I would recommend that you buy one of the best brand juicers such as Breville or Omega.  They are a bit expensive however, they will last for a long time and have more functionality.

Look for a juicer that can handle not only fruits but also leafy vegetables and wheatgrass.  There are only a few juicers out there that can handle wheatgrass.  Wheatgrass is one of the juicing ingredients that you need to be drinking every day.  Another feature that you want to look for a juicer is how easy it is to clean.  You want a juicer that you can take apart and assemble very easily.

As far as juicing recipes, every person has their own preference of fruits and vegetables.  I would suggest you start juicing fruits and vegetables that you normally eat.  Experiment with combining different fruits and vegetables.  Some combinations you'll like and some combinations you won't like the taste.  The more fruits and vegetables you combine the more vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients you will get from the juice.  Mix it up and try different juicing combinations every day.

Lastly, I want to remind you that juicing alone won't make you lose weight.  You will still need a good eating plan and physical activities. Juicing has many benefits and should be included in your entire weight loss plan.

Take action and start juicing now.  Go get your juicing machine and start enjoying delicious and nutritious juices.  I guarantee you will feel healthier, more energy, and more importantly start to lose weight.

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We have less than two months left of 2016.  If you are one of the people who failed to reach your goal this year in losing weight then you are not alone.  One of the most popular new year’s resolution is to lose weight.  Yet, most people follow their goal after just 30 days!

There are of course several reasons why most weight loss goals are bound to fail.  First reason, is most people make an unreasonable goal that they can’t follow.  People set a goal of losing a specific amount of weight in a short period of time.  This is simply not doable without really starving yourself which is not a long term routine.

Second reason is the lack of discipline.  You have to be committed and consistent in following your plan to lose weight.  That means no skipping workouts and no binge eating.

My advice to people that keeps failing to lose weight every year is make a reachable goal.  Also have a mentality that this plan is a marathan and not a sprint.  Don’t expect to lose 50 pounds in just 30 days.  Be consistent and keep focus on your goals.

Make adjustments to your eating.  One of the easiest ways to make a big impact to your diet is by juicing.  It is easy to implement and follow.  It is delicious, healthy, and and easy way to lose weight without having to go through extreme diets.  You’ll need to invest in a juicing machine.

Follow this easy simple plan and you’ll be on your way to a healthy body for 2017.