تقنية “الحرية النفسية” (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

تسمى طريقة العلاج هذه بتقنية “الحرية النفسية” (Emotional Freedom Techniques)، وتسمى اختصارا (EFT)، والحاصل أثناء العلاج هو التخلص من المشاعر السلبية بكل معنى الكلمة، حتى أن بعض المرضى الذين يعانون من مشاعر سلبية مزمنة يئسوا من التخلص منها قد يشعرون بالمفاجأة أو ما يشبه الصدمة بعد اختفاء تلك المشاعر.

وهذه الطريقة تقوم على الاستفادة من مبادئ العلاج بالإبر الصينية، ولكن دون استخدام الإبر، وإنما بالربت بالأصابع على نقاط معينة على الوجه والصدر. وهي تفترض أن الربت على هذه النقاط يعيد التوازن في مسارات الطاقة (Meridians) عبر الجسم وبالتالي يتم التخلص من المشاعر السلبية كالألم والخوف والغضب والقلق والحزن… الخ، وإن كان في تفسيرها العلمي شيء من الأخذ والرد.


EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - is a reasonably new discovery as well as a fast-evolving therapy within the field of Energy Psychology which is capturing the focus of healers, scientists, spiritualists and also lay people.

Typically referred to as "Mental acupressure", the technique works by releasing clogs within the energy system which are the resource of emotional intensity and also discomfort. These clogs in our energy system, in addition to testing us mentally, usually lead to restricting ideas and behaviors and a failure to live life harmoniously.

An EFT therapy entails using fingertips as opposed to needles to touch on completion points of energy meridians that are located simply under the surface of the skin. The therapy is non-invasive and also works on the principles of making change as easy and also as pain totally free as possible.

EFT is a good sense technique that draws its power from Eastern explorations that have been around for over 5,000 years. Albert Einstein also informed us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. These concepts have been mostly overlooked by Western Healing Practices and also as they are revealed in our existing times, human procedure is resuming itself to the failed to remember fact that everything is Power and the capacity that this supplies us.

In the short time considering that it's beginning by Gary Craig in the 1990's, EFT has supplied countless people with remedy for all type of troubles and problems, commonly in amazingly double-quick time and also after long as well as uncomfortable periods of searching for a remedy. The diversity of successful treatments have actually varied from injury and also abuse, fears, self sabotaging practices patterns, to deep set emotional problems of anxiety as well as clinical depression, addictions, physical ailment, to name yet a few.

EFT is drawing attention from the broad spectrum of healing specialists; from the scientists to the fortune-tellers as well as every person in between. It goes to the heart of the rejoining of the old and brand-new standards.

EFT recovers recognition and also rely on the all-natural healing capacities of our body and mind, offering ground-breaking possibilities to achieving physical and emotional wellness in a faster timespan.

Because the techniques are so straightforward, they could be utilized efficiently as a self-help tool, which equips people to actively add to their own recovery as well as growth process. This helps with a much faster alleviation procedure, formerly believed difficult by medical care professionals that supported lengthy (& often agonizing) hours in psychotherapeutic or treatment, frequently with minimal outcomes. These techniques do not discredit the medical as well as psychotherapeutic careers, but rather offer to contribute to a holistic healing process.

EFT functions to clear such disruptions and remove the resulting emotional reaction or strength to recover emotional consistency and offer relief from physical pain.

This is done by focusing on the details issue whilst touching with fingers on completion points of power meridians. The mix of sending kinetic energy to our power system, whilst revealing as well as focusing on origin, assists in a "straightening" of the power system consequently removing the "short circuit" to the body's learnt response or negative emotion.

It began in 1980, with a psychologist by the name of Roger Callahan, and an individual with an extreme fear of water. Mary's concern of water managed her life and maintained her from daily activities.

Dr. Callahan and Mary had actually been functioning on this trouble with each other for over a year. Mary worked up the guts to sit within view of the pool at Dr. Callahan's house.

Her concern of being near the water caused Mary tummy pains - a typical "instinct." Dr. Callahan had just recently been studying conventional Chinese medicines, and discovering meridians. Unexpectedly he had an ideas. Bearing in mind that there was an acupuncture factor for the tummy meridian on the cheekbone, he asked her to touch there, assuming it may heal her stomach discomforts.

Mary tapped her cheekbone as routed, and also this little activity altered medical background! The action appeared incredible, to both Mary and also Dr. Callahan. Her stomach discomforts disappeared. Also more astonishingly, her anxiety of water went away, as well! She ran down to the pool as well as began sprinkling herself with water, enjoying her newfound freedom from fear.

Based on this exploration, Dr. Callahan started a collection of examinations to establish and improve this technique, which he called Idea Field Treatment. Gary Craig educated under Dr. Callahan's tutelage in the 1990's, discovering the treatments for TFT. As time passed, Craig began to observe some troubles with TFT, elements that he saw were unneeded complications.

TFT called for practitioners to touch on a certain sequence of meridians (called an algorithm) for each various issue. Detecting the trouble required a technique called muscular tissue screening, where the specialist would certainly determine the loved one toughness of a muscular tissue, while the individual discovered numerous ideas or statements.

Gary Craig observed repeated situations in which the problem was improperly identified or the specialist tapped out the meridian points in the wrong order, yet the patient was still assisted. Based upon these observations, he wrapped up that it did not matter where order the meridian points were touched.

Gary Craig established EFT as a simplified, enhanced variation of the principles behind Callahan's TFT. EFT has one basic, straightforward sequence of points to tap, no matter what the scenario.

Due to the fact that of this, thousands of individuals have actually made use of Touching for health problems and to solve emotional issues. Touching professionals have actually researched the techniques and also educated to take on much more difficult and also hard instances, and also these dedicated specialists report more successful applications day-to-day.