Tuning into this 36 minute video can literally change your life. Learn how to heal yourself from your painful emotions like fear, grief, anger, guilt, shame & dis-empowerment. Discover how to get rid of your physical pain and heal your body. Free yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. Sikaal takes you through the exact, complete and easy instructions on how to use EFT Tapping for yourself. EFT is a self-help tool, one of the few available emotional release and healing tools that he has come across over the last few decades. Sikaal has taught EFT Tapping to thousands of individuals through individual sessions, group sessions and EFT training courses at EFT Level 1, EFT Level 2 and EFT Level 3. He shares how EFT Tapping can be done most effectively, by yourself at home or wherever you choose, to heal all of your physical, emotional and mental issues you have dealt with and are currently dealing with in your life.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping or EFT Tapping was founded in the early to mid 1990’s by Gary Craig. It is one of the methods within the group of tools know as Energy Psychology. EFT Tapping is not a miracle cure for everything. However using 10 simple points on your body, 10 anti-stress – relaxation – massage – energy meridian points, can flush stress and harmful emotions from your body, freeing up your blocked Life Force Energy (also referred to as Chi or Prana) again, aligning you to be happy, healthy and abundant. EFT Tapping can be used for babies and small children all the way through to senior citizens in their 90’s. And it is so simple that in potential absolutely anyone can learn it easily and quickly.

Take your time to watch this video and take in all the information. Then watch it again and again and before you know it, you will start to get accustomed to this amazing powerful self-help tool. Learn EFT Tapping, use EFT Tapping whenever and however you feel guided to. Tap out all of your painful memories. Tap out all of your emotional, physical and mental pain. And understand that this tool is like having an emotional shower whenever you need it. Keep yourself free from stress, blocking emotions and limiting thinking and your are setting yourself up for a very happy, healthy and abundant life! All you need to do is choose to use it and be brave and get started. All the best with this and please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like further assistance with moving through your themes and issues. We are happy to help and you can read more about our sessions via the links below.

Opheana & Sikaal from Divine Heart offer you weekly Guided Meditations and a weekly ‘Conversations with Opheana & Sikaal’ video. The Guided Meditations are consciously channeled by Sikaal and they will assist you deeply on your personal and spiritual development journey and your path of Ascension. In the ‘Conversations with Opheana & Sikaal’ videos, they share about Life and Consciousness from their perspective as Spiritual Life Coaches, Twin Flames, Parents of 4 New Children and Multidimensional Souls in an Earthly Incarnation.

The Guided Meditations are uploaded on the weekend and the Conversations with Opheana & Sikaal are uploaded midweek.


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