Demo #4 for EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique

Demonstration on how to use EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique with a patient with stress. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is the best known among the many offshoots of Thought Field Therapy. Gary Craig is the originator of this energy psychology meridian therapy. There are certainly more similarities than differences between EFT and TFT. The main difference is that Gary Craig came to believe, correctly in my opinion, that the order of the specific tapping sequences for the algorithms was superfluous. This is in accord with the basic tenants of applied kinesiology and Touch for Health. In these disciplines there are times when treating one acupuncture point might reestablish the balance in several meridians or conditions, but for almost all problems the exact sequence of the treatment is irrelevant. The other main difference between EFT and TFT is that Gary Craig streamlined his approach and essentially developed a one size fits all system. He believes that if all 14 meridian points are stimulated almost all problems, regardless of the type, will be resolved. For more information on EFT or other Energy Psychology therapies, you can go to