EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique] Tapping Thrive Event with Brad Yates

EFT Tapping Thrive Event with Brad Yates

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My dream is to one day have my own Vegan Restaurant serving the most delicious and healthiest food you’ve ever experienced in your life!!!! I also would LOVE to host Healthy Vegan Retreats where I take guests on a beautiful tropical get away (Bali, Jamaica, Costa Rica, you get the idea 🙂 for 7 days to experience a healthier and happier way of living! I really would love to help people feel more energetic, live their best life possible, make choices from a place of love, be more productive and start to live everyday with purpose and passion! Lots of easy super healthy recipes will be shared, reiki healing will be done, yoga, dancing and playing in nature and in the ocean, chakra healing meditations, one on one goal setting and more! It’s also a huge dream of mine to have my own Organic Vegan Restaurant : ) If you’re interested in supporting my creative endeavors (like this incredibly revolutionary YouTube channel! : ) and or helping me out in any way, please visit me on Patreon: