EFT Tapping for Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Overwhelm and Trauma

Jan Luther and The EFT Academy offer you this FREE EFT tap-along to quickly shift out of anxiety, depression, grief, overwhelm and trauma.

What do:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief
• Overwhelm
• and Trauma

all have in common?

1. Obviously, they’re words we use to differentiate specific negative emotional states.
2. One might believe that the cause for each state is so unique and so personal that a one-of-a-kind, individualized solution would be required to resolve them. (yes and no)
3. Each emotional state requires a specific mental and energetic pattern to sustain it.
4. EFT + TET Tapping can soothe, and with proper training, stop them ALL!

Today…an invitation and a tapping video for you.

A little reminder that registration is now open for the June 22nd-24th, 2018 EFT training.

It’s been years since I’ve offered a full-on, suitable for personal or professional use, EFT Level 1 and Level 2 training. (I’m pretty excited!!)

And, yes, I will stick to the approved EFT Level 1 and Level 2 core materials – plus you’ll learn The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping basic principles and get my newest —-

“Fill -in -the -blank -so -you -know -exactly -what -to -say “

TET tapping template. This makes tapping so easy and effective that you’ll be excited to try EFT on Everything! (Wink)

If you’ve worked with me personally, you know that the TET Tapping principles provide swift solutions for quieting the inner critic, and dissolving all negative emotions including – and especially the biggies – grief and trauma.

While I love the EFT basics, being a spiritual entrepreneur I want Deep and lasting spiritual and physical healings and I’m guessing that you do, too.

So consider this your personal, hand-delivered invitation to join a small group of soon to be friends for a wonderful weekend of Healing, Hope and Holistic skills training.

I know, I know – this isn’t exactly a ticket to the royal wedding, but hey… I promise you we’ll have a royally good time!

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And now a bit about your tapping video. I invite you to take a couple of moments and think about what has been causing you distress or grief recently.

If you had to choose one of the afore-mentioned negative emotions…

(Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Overwhelm or Trauma)

Which one best describes a recurring pattern or a present moment experience?

Take a few minutes to note what you’ve been thinking about that situation and then, on a scale of 0-to-10, determine how high your distress level is at this moment.

Now, go back and tap-along with the video.

Did you tap and speak the words with me?

Did this simple tapping help you calm your mind and body?

Did your SUDs number (0-10) come down?

Is there a part of you that’s a little annoyed that it worked, or didn’t work?

As you were tapping, what other thoughts were coming to mind? As always, I love and appreciate your feedback. Use the comments section below to do that.


P.S. I’m always curious…which topics would you like to see me tackle for future EFT tap-along videos? Let me know in the comments section below.


EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - is a reasonably brand-new discovery as well as a fast-evolving treatment within the area of Power Psychology which is capturing the attention of therapists, researchers, fortune-tellers and lay individuals.

Frequently referred to as "Psychological acupressure", the technique works by launching obstructions within the energy system which are the resource of emotional intensity and also pain. These obstructions in our energy system, in enhancement to testing us emotionally, frequently lead to restricting beliefs and practices and also a lack of ability to live life harmoniously.

An EFT treatment includes the use of fingertips as opposed to needles to touch on completion points of energy meridians that are positioned just under the surface of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive as well as works with the ethos of making modification as straightforward and as discomfort free as possible.

EFT is a sound judgment approach that draws its power from Eastern explorations that have been around for over 5,000 years. Albert Einstein also informed us back in the 1920's that every little thing (including our bodies) is composed of power. These concepts have actually been greatly disregarded by Western Recovery Practices and as they are introduced in our current times, human process is resuming itself to the neglected fact that everything is Power and the possibility that this supplies us.

In the brief time considering that it's inception by Gary Craig in the 1990's, EFT has offered hundreds of individuals with remedy for all manner of issues as well as conditions, commonly in startlingly double-quick time as well as after long as well as agonizing periods of searching for a remedy. The diversity of effective treatments have actually ranged from injury and misuse, fears, self sabotaging behaviour patterns, to deep set emotional conditions of stress and anxiety and anxiety, addictions, physical ailment, to name however a couple of.

EFT is upstaging the broad spectrum of recovery specialists; from the scientists to the spiritualists and also everyone in between. It goes to the heart of the rejoining of the old and also brand-new paradigms.

EFT recovers awareness and trust in the natural healing capacities of our body and mind, giving ground-breaking opportunities to achieving physical and also emotional health in a faster time frame.

Due to the fact that the techniques are so straightforward, they can be made use of effectively as a self-help tool, which equips individuals to proactively contribute to their own healing and also development procedure. This facilitates a much faster alleviation procedure, formerly believed impossible by healthcare experts who advocated prolonged (& often agonizing) hrs in psychotherapeutic or medical care, usually with restricted results. These techniques do not challenge the medical as well as psychotherapeutic occupations, but rather offer to contribute to a holistic healing process.

EFT works to remove such interruptions and also remove the resulting emotional response or strength to restore emotional harmony and also deal remedy for physical discomfort.

This is done by focusing on the details problem whilst tapping with fingers on completion factors of power meridians. The mix of sending kinetic energy to our power system, whilst uncovering and also focusing on origin, promotes a "straightening" of the energy system consequently removing the "short circuit" to the body's discovered feedback or unfavorable emotion.

It began in the 1980s, with a psychologist by the name of Roger Callahan, as well as a person with a severe anxiety of water. Mary's concern of water managed her life as well as kept her from everyday activities. She was incapable to take her kids to the beach and also was unable to drive near the ocean; she expanded fearful when it drizzled, and also could not even withstand the view of water on television. She had dazzling headaches including water.

Callahan and Mary had actually been dealing with this issue together for over a year. Mary functioned up the guts to sit within view of the swimming pool at Dr. Callahan's house. Also doing this caused Mary extreme distress, and though she discovered means to cope with the intense anxiety and also emotional discomfort, she did not overcome her phobia. They discussed her trouble, and also how you can overcome it, however without success.

Dr. Callahan had actually lately been examining traditional Chinese medications, and also finding out regarding meridians. Bearing in mind that there was an acupuncture point for the stomach meridian on the cheekbone, he asked her to tap there, thinking it could cure her stomach discomforts.

Mary tapped her cheekbone as routed, and this little action changed medicinal background! The action seemed incredible, to both Mary as well as Dr. Callahan. Her belly pains went away. Even more amazingly, her phobia of water disappeared, as well! She ran down to the swimming pool and also began spraying herself with water, enjoying her newfound freedom from fear.

Based upon this exploration, Dr. Callahan began a collection of investigations to develop as well as improve this technique, which he called Idea Area Treatment. Gary Craig trained under Dr. Callahan's tutelage in the 1990's, finding out the treatments for TFT. As time passed, Craig started to observe some issues with TFT, aspects that he saw were unnecessary complications.

TFT needed practitioners to touch on a details series of meridians (called a formula) for each various problem. Identifying the trouble required a technique called muscle mass screening, in which the practitioner would certainly measure the loved one stamina of a muscle, while the patient checked out numerous ideas or declarations.

Gary observed repeated circumstances in which the issue was inaccurately diagnosed or the professional touched out the meridian factors in the wrong order, yet the individual was still aided. Based upon these observations, he concluded that it did not matter in which order the meridian factors were tapped.

Gary Craig created EFT as a streamlined, improved version of the principles behind Callahan's TFT. EFT has one basic, straightforward sequence of indicate touch, regardless of what the circumstance.

As a result of this, countless people have actually used Tapping for ailments and also to fix emotional issues. Touching specialists have actually examined the techniques as well as trained to take on extra challenging as well as hard situations, as well as these devoted practitioners report more effective applications daily. More and more individuals are discovering and discovering Tapping. Many are discovering how Tapping could alter their lives.