EFT Tapping for Attracting Huge Amounts of Love By Dawson Church

Emotional Freedom Techniques. www.tappingdeepintimacy.com Author and speaker Dawson Church demonstrates how he uses EFT Tapping for huge amounts of love in his life.

Building Advanced Relationship Skills

Using EFT for your relationship issues can transform your relationships from battlegrounds of dysfunction and resentment to oases of peace and renewal. But it’s not just for couples… it’s for anyone seeking to break the grip of old relationship patterns and establish healthy new realities.

Tapping Deep Intimacy is a powerful 12 week program that will completely change the way you experience relationships. Each week offers you a potent mix of ideas, stories by real people, cutting-edge science, rich audio & video content, and practical exercises to literally change the wiring in your brain. It draws from Mindfulness, Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Neuroscience, Voice Dialog Therapy, and many of the other very best practices for change.

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