EFT Tapping for Children – Mini Class on Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Tapping for Kids – Mini Class. EFT Practitioner, Erin Muldoon Stetson teaches a Preschool and Kindergarten class how to Tap using simple Emotional Freedom Techniques modified for kids. Most of these Montessori students had never Tapped before (except for her son Cooper, of course, who is a student in the class). For safety purposes, the students are not shown in the video, but you can hear the enjoyment and excitement in their voices.

If you would like Erin to teach a class in your school or organization, you can find her at www.TapOnIt.com or call for an appointment, 773-484-8925. Erin also does private sessions via phone, skype and in her office in the Chicago area.

Recorded on October 25, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.