EFT Tapping for Happiness and Inner Peace (Subconscious Reprogramming)

This video is designed to help you experience relief from unhappiness and feelings of sadness or disappointment associated with imagining that your expectations will not be met in a way that would otherwise bring about feelings of happiness. Tapping for happiness will help you become aware of the underlying root causes for any unhappiness you’re currently experiencing so that you can, over time, permanently transcend feelings of unhappiness and experience more and more happiness because you choose to.

Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton, and many others who are familiar with the science of personal change, recommend EFT/ Tapping as a way of accessing and reprogramming the subconscious mind to replace unwanted and detrimental beliefs and programs with a healthy and balanced perception of self and reality.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, is a wonderful tool you can use to clear, heal, and release negative emotions, fears, beliefs, perspectives, and to clear blockages and obstacles to living a life of joy, inner peace, personal success, abundance, health, and harmony.

EFT/ Tapping helps you access your subconscious mind, where a lot of the programs that are creating disharmony, imbalance, and limitations in your life are influencing your decisions, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, often unknowingly to your conscious mind.

By becoming aware of your subconscious programming, choosing to clear it, and replacing it with more optimal intentions and perceptions of yourself and reality, you can experience a new reality that is more in alignment with what you truly wish to experience.

Practicing this EFT for happiness process daily or several times a day if you’ve been feeling unhappy for a while, or any time you feel unhappy, will help you quickly clear, heal, and release feelings of not being happy (without suppressing or repressing them) and support a life of greater joy, happiness, creative energy, personal empowerment, success, inner peace, and abundance. The more you let go of disempowering feelings, like the feeling of not being happy, the more energy, love, and joy you have for life!

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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - is a relatively brand-new discovery and also a fast-evolving treatment within the field of Power Psychology which is capturing the interest of therapists, scientists, fortune-tellers and lay individuals.

Commonly referred to as "Psychological acupressure", the technique works by launching blockages within the power system which are the resource of emotional intensity and discomfort. These blockages in our power system, in enhancement to testing us psychologically, frequently lead to limiting ideas as well as practices and an inability to live life sympathetically.

An EFT treatment includes the use of fingertips instead of needles to tap on completion factors of energy meridians that are situated simply under the surface of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive as well as deals with the ethos of making adjustment as simple and as discomfort cost-free as feasible.

EFT is a common sense strategy that draws its power from Eastern explorations that have actually been around for over 5,000 years. As a matter of fact Albert Einstein also told us back in the 1920's that every little thing (including our bodies) is made up of energy. These suggestions have actually been mainly overlooked by Western Recovery Practices and as they are unveiled in our present times, human procedure is resuming itself to the forgotten reality that whatever is Power and also the possibility that this offers us.

In the brief time since it's inception by Gary Craig in the 1990's, EFT has offered countless people with relief from all type of issues and also problems, typically in amazingly quick time and after long as well as agonizing durations of looking for a treatment. The variety of effective treatments have ranged from injury and abuse, fears, self sabotaging behaviour patterns, to deep set emotional conditions of anxiety as well as clinical depression, dependencies, physical disease, to name however a couple of.

EFT is drawing attention from the broad spectrum of healing professionals; from the scientists to the spiritualists and also every person between. It goes to the heart of the rejoining of the old and new paradigms.

EFT brings back awareness and trust in the all-natural healing abilities of our body and mind, supplying ground-breaking chances to achieving physical and emotional well-being in a faster amount of time.

Due to the fact that the techniques are so basic, they can be made use of effectively as a self-help device, which encourages individuals to proactively contribute to their own healing as well as growth process. This assists in a much faster alleviation process, formerly believed difficult by medical care experts who supported lengthy (& often excruciating) hrs in psychotherapeutic or medical care, often with minimal results. These techniques do not discredit the medical and also psychotherapeutic professions, however rather offer to add to an all natural recovery process.

EFT functions to clear such disruptions as well as get rid of the resulting emotional feedback or strength to recover emotional consistency and deal remedy for physical pain.

This is done by focusing on the specific problem whilst touching with fingers on completion factors of energy meridians. The combination of sending out kinetic energy to our power system, whilst revealing and also concentrating on origin, helps with a "straightening out" of the power system therefore getting rid of the "brief circuit" to the body's discovered feedback or adverse emotion.

It started in the 1980s, with a psychologist by the name of Roger Callahan, and a client with an extreme phobia of water. Mary's fear of water controlled her life as well as maintained her from day-to-day tasks. She was not able to take her children to the beach and also was unable to drive near the sea; she grew afraid when it drizzled, and also could not even endure the view of water on television. She had dazzling nightmares including water.

Dr. Callahan as well as Mary had actually been working on this trouble together for over a year. Mary functioned up the courage to sit within view of the pool at Dr. Callahan's residence.

Dr. Callahan had actually recently been researching traditional Chinese medicines, and also discovering regarding meridians. Bearing in mind that there was an acupuncture factor for the stomach meridian on the cheekbone, he asked her to touch there, assuming it might treat her stomach discomforts.

Mary touched her cheekbone as guided, and also this little action changed medical history! The action appeared incredible, to both Mary and Dr. Callahan. Her stomach pains disappeared. Yet much more remarkably, her phobia of water disappeared, also! She diminished to the swimming pool and started sprinkling herself with water, enjoying her newfound freedom from fear.

Based upon this discovery, Dr. Callahan started a collection of examinations to develop as well as improve this technique, which he termed Thought Area Therapy. Gary Craig trained under Dr. Callahan's tutelage in the 1990's, discovering the procedures for TFT. As time passed, Craig began to observe some problems with TFT, facets that he saw were unnecessary problems.

TFT needed experts to touch on a details sequence of meridians (called an algorithm) for every different issue. Detecting the trouble called for a technique called muscle screening, where the specialist would certainly determine the loved one toughness of a muscle mass, while the person explored numerous thoughts or declarations.

Gary Craig observed duplicated circumstances in which the problem was inaccurately diagnosed or the professional touched out the meridian points in the wrong order, yet the person was still helped. Based on these monitorings, he wrapped up that it did not matter in which order the meridian factors were tapped.

Craig established EFT as a streamlined, improved variation of the concepts behind Callahan's TFT. EFT has one fundamental, simple sequence of points to tap, no matter what the circumstance.

Because of this, thousands of individuals have actually utilized Touching for ailments and to settle emotional troubles. Tapping practitioners have examined the techniques and also trained to take on a lot more complicated and also tough cases, and these dedicated specialists report more effective applications daily.