EFT Tapping for Healing – Dr. Kim Deramo

If you haven’t heard of EFT Meridian Tapping, you probably will innovation other areas besides just this video very soon because it’s becoming more and more prominent in clinical medicine in helping with all kinds of different chronic symptoms. I’m going to bring you through a tapping series right here and show you how to do it and also invite you to my favorite annual tapping summit, which I’ll include the link right here. This is where I learned so much about tapping. It did so much for me personally and also in my practice. I’m going to assist you here with how you use tapping.
You’re going to start on the karate chop point. This is just a new way of giving information to your nervous system. Even just gentle tapping, you could do one hand or the other, or you could tap them both together. It’s giving information to your nervous system that calms things down. If you’re triggered, if you’re in fear, if you’re in fight or flight, all of these ignite the chemicals, the hormones in your body that are associated with overweight, with anxiety, with autoimmune illness and with all kinds of chronic diseases. Even things like cancer, heart disease, diabetes. It’s allowing your chemistry to come down into a more balanced space. So, you are just gently tapping on these points.
I’ll walk you through the other points. They are the inner eyebrow point, just if your stressed, if your anxious, if you’ve had it, someone just said something to you. You’re like “Oh my gosh,” and just neutralizing that. Giving your body what it needs, allowing the nervous system to calm down. Then, just gently tapping on your outer eye point. Breathing in, breathing out. Witnessing everything you’re feeling, coming into a deeper connection with your body and then underneath the eye, right on the bony ridge. Just gently breathing in, breathing out. Being present, noticing what’s coming up.
A lot of times we’re not really in our body. We’re not noticing how we’re feeling in our body. Underneath the nose. Most of the time we’re thinking about what’s going to happen next, what we have to do and what we didn’t do and what happened in the past. We’re not actually living in the present, presentcing what happening in our body. Just using the tapping to do that. Right in the middle of the chin. So, these ones are bilateral, you know, both sides and these ones are in the midline. Right on the chin, just one hand in the midline. You could do both sides at the same time, you could do just one side.
then right underneath the collarbone, that soft space underneath the collarbone, just gently tapping, giving your body information that allows a relaxation, calming down of the fight or flight response. Relaxation of your nervous system. Then underneath the arm, right at the nipple line, but underneath the armpit. Tap, tap, tap. Right on the rib cage. It might seem weird, you might look weird. I don’t really care because if I feel so flared up, it helps so much. It helps me to feel so much better in my body, that I kind of just do it anyway.
Then the last one is right on top of the head. Just inhale through the nose, exhaling through the mouth and letting it go, then just relax. Check in with your body. How are you feeling after you tapped versus before. Now, if you’re just sitting in your car and you just pick one point, it doesn’t matter, you could just do one or two points, but if you do the whole series of points it sort of balances out all the meridian channels in your body to allow harmony throughout.
Now, you’re operating on your nervous system, your energy system, but it does affect all of your organ systems, all parts of your body and very powerfully affects our brain. So, if you’re going for a test or an interview or delivering a talk, some kind of performance, tapping before you go in is awesome because it will get you aligned with your own wellbeing. If you’re having pain or illness or fatigue, and your just fighting and trying to plow through it, tapping to witness, be present to what’s coming up in your body, neutralizes it. Instead of fighting your symptoms, you actually allow things to dissolve and resolve.
I’m going to include a link here so you can register for my really good friend, Nick Ortner’s tapping summit. They do this annual tapping world summit, where they have amazing speakers on tapping, including myself, share some of their own expertise and how to do the tapping, how to go very, very deep. Much deeper to allow energies to release from the body, physically, mentally, emotionally so that you can live in health and wellbeing.
I’m super excited to share this with you because I’ve purchased it a few times in the past. You can actually purchase it or just listen to it for free each day. But, I’ve purchased it and had it in my collection and learned so much from this exact summit in the past, so it’s been a huge benefit and to my practice.
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