EFT Tapping Points Technique (Where to Tap on Body)

This EFT Tapping Points Technique Animation is easy to follow to support you when starting out with EFT Tapping. This animation shows 9 EFT tapping acupressure points (on the body) used by most practitioners.

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EFT is also called Emotional Freedom Techniques. Gary Craig first invented the process back in the early 90s. Gary discovered the technique based on the TFT or Thought Field Therapy that he had learned from Psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan. This technique of EFT tapping allows individuals to free their trapped energy so that they can live their lives to the fullest. It works simply by balancing the energy in the body by using the same principle behind acupuncture. The individual simply taps on certain areas of the face and body, which brings the entire energy system into complete alignment. This produces amazing results that people often see almost instantly.

I have taken the method of EFT tapping and made it much simpler for you to use. After all, if you can’t understand how to use the techniques, then you will not use them! I want this process to be so simple that even your children can understand and practice these methods. This is a very easy process to learn, though some teachers try to make it more complex. The more simple the techniques are kept, the more willing you are going to be to learn them and use them!