Emotional Detox Through Bodywork by Mal Weeraratne

In ‘Emotional Detox – A Woman’s Guide to Healing and Awakening’, leading Tantra Healer, Mal Weeraratne, shares a fresh approach and insights on how to unblock orgasmic potential and achieve emotional liberation. Harnessing sexual energy rejuvenates and improves physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. This book teaches women how to take control of the sexual energy within their bodies to remove trauma stored in the form of emotions using ancient knowledge and practices that are combined with new ground-breaking insights to create an engineered trauma-release technique called Tantric – Tao Bodywork for Emotional Detox. Tantric – Tao Bodywork is a British pioneer technique intended to eliminate traumatic experiences at a cellular level in the body to start living a positive life. — a biological cleanse and detox to experience joy and bliss. Having explored Tantra and Tao for 20+ years, Mal reveals how all women are capable of experiencing emotional freedom and ecstatic bliss. He provides readers with a unique understanding of how the female body may be activated to deepen ecstatic states. Prevailing negative attitudes in the West work against the natural capacity of a woman to realize her full sexual potential and ability to feel unlimited bliss and achieve deep orgasmic states. Among other alarming survey results, it is estimated as per Cosmopolitan’s Female Orgasm Survey, only 57% of women in the UK experience an orgasm when they have sex with a partner whereas 43% has never experienced an orgasm. This book is packed with practical advice and tips on how to harness sexual orgasmic energy. Readers will learn how emotional trauma can block pleasure and cause disease; the difference between soft penetration and deep sustained penetration, including how to avoid premature male ejaculation; the secrets and history of female ejaculation; techniques for awakening and yoni massage and so much more.

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