Emotional Freedom Technique Accredited Diploma Online Course

Enjoy discovering the amazing effects of the Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping routine This online course is designed to give you the knowledge of EFT in order to use it with yourself, family and friends or your clients.

You will receive a Practitioner/Diploma certificate on completion of this course.

Why Choose this online Course?

Learn with an award winnng national training school
Expert, passionate tutors Fantastic support when you need it
No set classes to attend
No traffic or parking costs, learn from home at your own pace
No timetables or deadlines means – No pressure.
Learn at your own pace quickly – or if you prefer – taking your time fitting it in around your family and other life commitments.
No maximum age limit.
Recognised insurable course so you can use this therapy with the general public and charge

Accredited with top professional bodies.

‘In every culture and in every medical tradition before our own, healing was achieved by the movement of energy’
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1960)

According to Chinese medicine, your energy, your life force, referred to as Chi flows along known paths (the meridians) with access points known as acupoints. If the flow of Chi is disrupted, then ill health can result. The flow of Chi can be influenced via these acupuncture points. It is theorised that all your fears, emotions and negative charges can accumulate in these points and block them like a clogged drain.

By touching your meridian points while reciting specific affirmative statements, tapping sparks change within you on a cellular level by rewiring your neural pathways. This is the underlying and powerful concept of EFT.