Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT & Tapping Example

Moving into a state of acceptance can be an art form. Often we need to look at our situation from a different perspective to arrive at a state of acceptance. EFT or Emotional Freedom technique also called Tapping can also be an extremely helpful exercise to arrive at acceptance while processing and releasing negative emotions with greater ease.

1. (side of hand/karate chop point- side of hand) “I fully love and accept myself even though…(fill in the blank with your challegning emotional statement; Example …I am feeling fearful, angry, sad.”
2. (top of head) I am willing to try on a new perspective
3. (Top of eyebrow/nose point)I am letting go of these negative emotions
4.(side of eye) I am forgivness
5. (under eye) I am wellness
6.(below nose and top of mouth) I am blessings
7.(below bottom lip and above chin) I am love
8. (collar bone) I am letting go of any negative emotions now
9. (under arm pit/side of rib cage) I am peace

Tap the points and your key phrases until the negative emotions subside.