Emotional freedom technique with switch word for food craving

how to tap away carvings with eft(emotional freedom technique)emotional freedom technique and switch word for food carvings
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today i will tell you how to stop your cravings for food with eft technique.eft wit switch helps to stop carvings of food.
today all over the world this eft method is very famous to deal with many problems,its is very easy to use and can be learn by any one in just a few minutes.

points of eft are
karate chop
above eyebrow
side of eyes
below eyes
below nose
below chin
collar bones
the side of armpit
above the head

switch word for carving is

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a member of a new class of treatment
techniques and protocols referred to as Energy Therapy. While still considered
experimental, these techniques are being used by therapists, nurses, physicians,
psychiatrists and lay people worldwide. To date, EFT and other Energy Therapy
Techniques have yielded exceptional results in the treatment of psychological and
physical problems.
They are NOT, however, meant to replace appropriate medical treatment or mental health
therapy. Personally, I have not experienced any adverse side effects when applying these
techniques, when the treatment protocols and suggestions were followed. This does not
mean, however, that you or your clients will not experience or perceive. i am not professional,healer,therapist,practioner
If you use these techniques on yourself or others, you must agree to take full responsibility for
your own well being and you are required to advise your clients to do the same.
Before beginning any new regimen (diet, exercise, stretching, yoga, martial art, or EFT) check with your primary care physician

all teaching credit goes to naran sir-reachnaran.com