How to Relieve Back Pain from a Car Accident with EFT Tapping

EFT to Relieve Back Pain from a Car Accident: Eva was so brave and open to allow her first EFT Tapping Session to be broadcast live on Google+ Hangouts on Air.

As you’ll see in this gripping session, Eva’s back and neck pain started when she and her husband were in a harrowing car accident 14 years prior to this session.

Through her openness and willingness to explore the EFT Tapping process, Eva received some relief from her physical symptoms, while healing her emotional responses to her own accident. Then, a deep and intense connection was made between Eva’s own accident and that of her best friend’s tragic passing in a different car accident.

Naturally, Eva’s healing will be a process since there are many layers to her situation and I am honored and blessed to assist her on this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to honor this healing process. Please Tap along with Eva and me and let us know what changes in intensity (0-10) you have and also any insights you may have in your own journey. I am looking forward to hearing your story.

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