Hôm nay mình sẽ kể cho mọi người một “bí mật” nhỏ mà mình chưa từng bật mí cho bất kì ai về bản thân mình và con đường Chữa Lành Tâm-Thân- Trí của mình như thế nào nhé 🤫

Và trong video này, mình cũng sẽ giới thiệu cho mọi người một trong những công cụ vô cùng đơn giản, mà lại rất hiệu quả, đã giúp mình không những Chữa Lành giúp mình sống tự tin, yêu đời, và mang nguồn năng lượng tích cực đến cho nhiều người khác. 🌈

Công cụ đó chính là EFT Tapping ( Emotional Freedom Technique).

Nhiều các anh chị em, và các bạn đã nhắn tin cho mình về sự lo lắng và bất an khi đối diện với dịch bệnh, bệnh ngày càng tăng chứ không giảm, và ngày diễn biến phức tạp.

Mình rất chia với những lo lắng và bất an đó của tất cả mọi người.

Để giúp cho mọi người giảm bớt lo lắng, bất an và sợ hãi. Mình đã quay một series 7 ngày Thực Hành EFT Tapping “EFT Tapping Giải Thoát Lo Lắng, Sợ Hãi, cho Tâm Trí An Tịnh”

Mỗi ngày mình sẽ post một video, phát trực tiếp trên kênh youtube của Nam Academy, vào 9h tối, bắt đầu từ thứ Hai cho đến Chủ Nhật để cho mọi người cùng nhau thực hành nhé.

Một khi tâm trí của chúng ta an tịnh thì hệ miễn dịch cũng hoạt động tốt hơn, cơ thể cũng sẽ khoẻ hơn, và giúp chúng ta phòng tránh bệnh tật tốt hơn.

Cho nên trước khi chúng ta tm kiếm những phương thức từ bên ngoài, thì hãy làm cho Tâm và Trí của mình bình an đã nhé.

Mình rất hi vọng là mọi người sẽ thực hành cùng với mình mỗi ngày để cùng nhau chia sẻ nguồn năng lượng tích cực.

👉🏻Ngày 1 (Thứ Hai- chính là tối hôm nay đây ạ ): Giới thiệu về EFT Tapping: EFT Tapping là gì? EFT Tapping hoạt động như thế nào?

👉🏻Ngày 2 (Thứ Ba): EFT Tapping để giải thoát lo lắng, sợ hãi, bất an

👉🏻Ngày 3 (Thứ Tư): EFT Tapping cho ánh sáng, hạnh phúc, năng lượng tích cực mỗi ngày

👉🏻Ngày 4 (Thứ Năm) : EFT Tapping cho cơ thể khoẻ mạnh, tăng cường hệ miễn dịch

👉🏻Ngày 5 (Thứ Sáu) : EFT Tapping cho Corona Virus

👉🏻Ngày 6 ( Thứ Bảy): EFT Tapping để Chữa lành

Rất hữu ích cho những ai đang bị nhiễm bệnh, hay đang trong vùng cách ly

👉🏻Ngày 7 ( Chủ Nhật): EFT Tapping kết nối sâu sắc với từng bộ phận cơ thể

Hẹn gặp mọi người vào tối nay trên Kênh Youtube của Nam Academy vào 9h tối nhé!

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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - is a fairly new discovery as well as a fast-evolving treatment within the area of Energy Psychology which is capturing the focus of healers, scientists, fortune-tellers and also lay individuals.

Usually referred to as "Psychological acupressure", the technique functions by launching obstructions within the power system which are the resource of emotional intensity as well as pain. These clogs in our power system, along with challenging us mentally, commonly result in limiting ideas and also behaviours as well as a lack of ability to live life harmoniously. Resulting signs are either emotional as well as/ or physical as well as include lack of confidence and self-confidence, sensation stuck distressed or depressed, or the introduction of uncontrollable as well as addicting behaviours. It is also now finally commonly approved that emotional disharmony is an essential factor in physical signs and also dis-ease and because of this these techniques are being thoroughly made use of on physical concerns, consisting of persistent illness with commonly astonishing outcomes. These techniques are being accepted even more and also extra in medical and psychological circles as well as in the array of psychotherapies as well as recovery self-controls.

An EFT treatment includes making use of fingertips as opposed to needles to touch on the end factors of energy meridians that are located simply underneath the surface area of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive as well as services the principles of making change as easy and as discomfort totally free as feasible.

EFT is a sound judgment technique that attracts its power from Eastern discoveries that have been around for over 5,000 years. Albert Einstein additionally informed us back in the 1920's that every little thing (including our bodies) is composed of power. These concepts have actually been greatly disregarded by Western Recovery Practices and also as they are introduced in our current times, human procedure is resuming itself to the neglected truth that every little thing is Energy and also the capacity that this provides us.

In the brief time since it's beginning by Gary Craig in the 1990's, EFT has offered countless individuals with remedy for all manner of problems and also conditions, typically in startlingly quick time and after long and excruciating durations of searching for a remedy. The variety of effective therapies have actually ranged from injury as well as abuse, phobias, self undermining practices patterns, to deep collection emotional conditions of anxiety and depression, addictions, physical ailment, to name but a few.

EFT is upstaging the wide spectrum of recovery professionals; from the scientists to the spiritualists and also everyone between. It goes to the heart of the rejoining of the old and new standards.

EFT brings back awareness as well as trust in the natural recovery capacities of our mind and body, offering ground-breaking possibilities to attaining physical and emotional health in a faster amount of time.

Due to the fact that the techniques are so simple, they can be used properly as a self-help tool, which equips people to proactively contribute to their own recovery as well as growth process. This helps with a much faster relief process, formerly believed difficult by healthcare experts that advocated extensive (& usually uncomfortable) hours in psychotherapeutic or treatment, often with limited outcomes. These techniques do not discredit the clinical and psychotherapeutic professions, but instead offer to contribute to an alternative recovery process.

EFT works to remove such disruptions and also eliminate the resulting emotional action or strength to restore emotional consistency and deal remedy for physical discomfort.

This is done by focusing on the particular trouble whilst tapping with fingers on the end points of energy meridians. The combination of sending kinetic energy to our energy system, whilst uncovering and also concentrating on origin, assists in a "correcting" of the energy system therefore removing the "brief circuit" to the body's discovered response or negative emotion.

It started in 1980, with a psychologist by the name of Roger Callahan, and also a patient with an extreme anxiety of water. Mary's concern of water managed her life and kept her from everyday activities. She was incapable to take her children to the beach and was not able to drive near the ocean; she grew frightened when it rained, and could not also hold up against the sight of water on television. She had vibrant headaches including water.

Dr. Callahan and also Mary had been working on this problem together for over a year. Mary worked up the guts to sit within sight of the pool at Dr. Callahan's house.

Her concern of being near the water triggered Mary belly discomforts - an usual "instinct." Dr. Callahan had actually just recently been studying standard Chinese medicines, and discovering meridians. Suddenly he had a motivation. Bearing in mind that there was an acupuncture point for the stomach meridian on the cheekbone, he asked her to tap there, assuming it could cure her tummy pains.

Even more extremely, her phobia of water vanished, too! She ran down to the pool as well as started spraying herself with water, rejoicing in her newfound freedom from worry.

Based on this exploration, Dr. Callahan started a collection of investigations to establish and fine-tune this technique, which he called Thought Field Therapy. Gary Craig trained under Dr. Callahan's tutoring in the 1990's, discovering the treatments for TFT. As time passed, Craig started to observe some problems with TFT, aspects that he saw were unneeded difficulties.

TFT called for experts to touch on a details series of meridians (called a formula) for each various trouble. Identifying the problem required a technique called muscular tissue testing, where the expert would determine the relative strength of a muscle mass, while the individual explored different thoughts or declarations.

Gary Craig observed repeated circumstances where the trouble was inaccurately diagnosed or the specialist tapped out the meridian factors in the wrong order, yet the patient was still aided. Based upon these observations, he ended that it did not matter where order the meridian points were touched.

Gary Craig developed EFT as a simplified, improved version of the concepts behind Callahan's TFT. EFT has one standard, simple sequence of indicate tap, regardless of what the scenario.

Due to this, countless individuals have utilized Touching for diseases and to settle emotional issues. Tapping professionals have actually studied the techniques as well as trained to tackle more challenging and difficult instances, and these committed specialists report even more successful applications everyday. More and more individuals are uncovering as well as checking out Tapping. Many are uncovering exactly how Tapping can change their lives.