TAP IT OUT JAMAICA – Releasing The Feeling Of Uncertainty Surrounding The Coronavirus


Tapping is a COMPLIMENTARY THERAPY to be used alongside any other medical advice received from your medical officer/doctor/practitioner. Tapping cannot be declared as a cure all, but instead an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL SUPPORTIVE practice that will help to shift any energy blockages within the body to help promote and even accelerate the healing necessary. THIS, for legal purposes, must also be declared as done for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.

Tapping Points & Scripts for Releasing the Fear Of Uncertainty Surrounding The Coronavirus

SET UP STATEMENT- KARATE CHOP: Even though there is uncertainty surrounding me and my family, I deeply and completely surrender to the path and open myself up to the nurturing that it will bring. (Say three times)

TAP CHEST: This feeling of uncertainty surrounding me and my family.

RUB SORE POINT: I acknowledge it and release the uneasiness that it is causing within me.

TAP HEART CHAKRA: I release any fear of uncertainty and know that within the uncertainty, I can and still will, create security.

TAP RIB CAGE: I am putting into use my own methods to keep myself and my family secure.

TAP UNDER ARM: These uncertain times are a gift to me, because within it I can get closer to my own power, my own center, and my own divine knowledge.

TAP HEAD: Within this time of uncertainty I am finding my peace and security.

TAP CHEST: And although I may feel uneasy at times, I will find solace in the true connections that are being magnetized to me.

RUB SORE SPOT: And although the idea of working from home may be uncomfortable, I find peace in knowing that I am safe and sound.

TAP HEART CHAKRA: With the uncertainty of work, I am wondering how will I pay my bills, how will I maintain myself and how will I maintain my family?

TAP RIB CAGE: I will have to become creative.

TAP UNDER ARM: I will have to think outside of the box, and not just think outside of the box but move outside of the box.

TAP HEAD: It is in these times of uncertainty, that I will surely find my security.

Take ONE DEEP BREATH, then THREE HEART ACTIVATING BREATHS. Put your hand on your heart to help with the awareness, and then slowly put. (Repeat 3x)

GRATITUDE: Choose to feel grateful. Find ONE thing to be grateful for.

Bless up unnuh self. Speak Love. Ites UP!


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