What is EFT & How EFT Tapping Works

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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of tapping your meridian points with your fingertips to allow your mind to release negative emotions.

Tapping considered as one of the best, easy to follow, self-help technique and self-healing practice, quickly combined with LOA, positive affirmations (see blog), visualization, hypnotherapy, binaural audio and guided meditations [ see: ] solving many psychological and even psychosomatic problems, rewriting negative neuro-patterns, optimizing perception of reality and brain performance. EFT used to alleviate (PTSD) trauma, eliminate anxiety and physical pain, to reduce stress, to boost energy, strengthen immune system, and increase overall health. EFT can activate beneficial biochemical changes in your body, and this is scientifically supported – shift the regulations of up to 72 different genes! New epigenetics research reveals that we actually changing our genetics patterns working on personal self-development instead of being “victim” of inherited genetic structures that cause negative factors. Daily practice of EFT Tapping can truly do miracles solving many problems in different layers of our lives, positively impact our happiness, improve your relationships, and enhance your overall life experience. You can also easily use EFT to help kids and animals.

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Even if in a public place you can practice EFT. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!