What is Matrix Reimprinting

The Matrix is ​​another name used by scientists to name the Quantum Field, something that others have called:

– The Mind of God.
– The Mind of Nature.
– The Divine Matrix.
– Metaphysical field.
– Etc.

The imprint refers to the system by which humans adopt the characteristics of their parents through observation and imitation.

We also tune into the information in the fields of others, that is, Morfic Fields.

Matrix Re-imprinting is a technique created by Karl Dawson.

It is based on a change of memories and negative memories that were internalized during the first 6 years of our lives.

Based on traumas, life experiences (survival), erroneous perceptions and also imitation of the behavior of others.

These memories are stored in the subconscious in the form of memories.

When these negative memories cause enough stress, the body will try to adapt to chemical, hormonal, cellular and DNA levels causing physical and psychological discomforts.

With this technique we replace the negative images creating a permanent healing effect.

The benefits of Matrix among others is its easy use, obtaining all the information from a basic protocol that the facilitator used to take the person to remember certain traumatic events by tapping and solving together the possible causes of their situation.

This allows creating a more positive perception about past events.

Create solutions to problems that recur and are a constant in the present, changing thought patterns.

It also changes the function of the cells, the DNA and the nervous system in the present.

The traumatic cycle ends where the discomfort is constantly repeated in the subconscious.

This allows the mind, body and cells to respond in a healthier way.

The Matrix Re-imprint can adapt new positive beliefs in any memory of the past.

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