Worried about going to school. (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique for Kids)

Emotional Freedom Technique for Children and Young People

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The adult version is £2.99 which will ensure the children’s version is free forever! HappiMe is a non-profit community interest company.

Welcome to Happi Tapping with the HappiMe App. Happi Tapping is our own unique way of teaching EFT to children and young people! They can learn it themselves really quickly. It’s completely harmless and free. It’s great for stress, anxiety, anger management, worrying, grief and pain.

Finger tapping is a discreet, simple short way of using Happi Tapping to relief stress instantly.

The HappiMe App aims to Improve self-esteem and emotional resilience in children and young people by teaching them simple techniques in a fun and engaging way.

We will be launching the app in September 2017 with children, young people and adult versions. To be the first to download. please register at www.happi-me.org.

The HappiMe app uses the following techniques:
CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
NLP (neuro linguistic programming)
HappiTapping – our unique version of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Mindfulness techniques
Positive Mental rehearsal techniques
The Chimp Model

Massive thanks to the amazing Lili Harvey, Jo Richings and Abby Pickles for their help in producing these Happi Tapping videos!