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How much are you in appreciation of your body? Have you recognized the potency of the body to heal on its own and produce other bodies?

If a body can produce a new heart for a baby, can’t it heal its own heart? If it can eject a live body out of it naturally, can’t it eject unwanted elements on its own?

What do you think is keeping from the bodies to heal themselves? Our conditioning and our beliefs about them & most likely the beliefs about you. You are the life force energy that flows through your body and if you had beliefs that lead to shame, you will most likely punish your body because of it.

How do you find and heal your limiting beliefs? Some of these questions can help you find them:

Would I be willing to come into the same body if I have a choice?

How well do I feel being in my body?

Where am I with respect to my body?

Do I deserve this body?

Does this body deserve me?

What’s the downside of having the body I desire?

These are some of the questions that could help you find your core beliefs about you and your body.

There are numerous techniques you can use to heal these beliefs – one of them being Light Key Protocols for clearing beliefs. There are numerous other tools available freely like EFT, Sedona method, etc.

By clearing the limiting beliefs, you would finally be able to allow the body to heal itself.

But you do not have to always hunt for the limiting beliefs to heal the body. It is one of the techniques and there are many energy healing techniques available for healing. Joyous body protocol, a simple practice, helps you restore the body’s healing abilities. It’s so simple that anyone including children can do and benefit. You can also perform this protocol on others to assist with their healing.

This one feedback summarizes it all:
“I have noticed the following changes since I did the Joyous Body Protocol.
I have more ease with my body.
My fingers in my left hand used to tremble for many years, that’s gone
I had a fungal infection in my toe, that’s healed.
My eyes used to water frequently, that has greatly eased
I have more energy in my body.
The soles of both of my feet used to lose sensation and get numb. That is now gone. I have full feeling in my feet now.
Three weeks back I had a severe cold and cough.
The coughing caused a bulge in my lower abdomen, the initial signs of hernia. I used the kindness Key and master keys in that area twice a day. The swelling has gone and there is no discomfort when I cough now. I also used the Infinite healing health Key there as well.
The dandruff situation has greatly improved.
Overall I feel more at ease and relaxed.
So just acknowledging the magic of the keys.
I continue to do the keys on my body once a day.”

Yes, it brings holistic outcome – the best part is it is so simple and you do not have to understand how it works.

Please do join me on 12th Jan to learn the protocol and restore your body to its glory:

Nimi draws upon her experiences in a wide range of healing modalities to empower people to expand their life with ease. By working with a person’s inner knowing, Nimi facilitates emotional and physical healing to improve her clients’ quality of life.

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Disclaimer from Nimi:

Anything I share is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment or legal counsel. If you have a serious health imbalance please see a doctor or other appropriate professional and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. If you choose to follow any of the techniques I share, you agree that you are taking complete responsibility for the outcome. body healing


EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - is a relatively brand-new exploration and a fast-evolving therapy within the area of Energy Psychology which is capturing the focus of therapists, scientists, spiritualists and lay individuals.

Often referred to as "Emotional acupressure", the technique works by releasing obstructions within the energy system which are the resource of emotional intensity as well as pain. These blockages in our energy system, in addition to challenging us mentally, frequently lead to restricting beliefs as well as behaviours and also a failure to live life harmoniously.

An EFT treatment includes using fingertips instead of needles to touch on the end points of energy meridians that are situated just below the surface of the skin. The therapy is non-invasive as well as services the values of making change as simple and also as discomfort complimentary as feasible.

EFT is a sound judgment method that draws its power from Eastern explorations that have been around for over 5,000 years. As a matter of fact Albert Einstein additionally informed us back in the 1920's that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy. These concepts have been largely ignored by Western Recovery Practices and also as they are introduced in our existing times, human process is resuming itself to the neglected fact that every little thing is Energy as well as the potential that this offers us.

In the short time considering that it's creation by Gary Craig in the 1990's, EFT has offered thousands of people with remedy for all manner of troubles as well as conditions, typically in startlingly double-quick time as well as after lengthy as well as agonizing durations of looking for a remedy. The diversity of effective therapies have actually varied from trauma as well as abuse, fears, self screwing up practices patterns, to deep set emotional conditions of anxiety and also anxiety, addictions, physical disease, to call yet a couple of.

EFT is upstaging the broad range of recovery professionals; from the scientists to the spiritualists and also everyone between. It goes to the heart of the rejoining of the old as well as new standards.

EFT restores understanding and also rely on the natural healing capabilities of our mind and body, giving ground-breaking chances to accomplishing physical as well as emotional well-being in a faster timespan.

Since the techniques are so basic, they could be utilized successfully as a self-help device, which equips individuals to actively contribute to their very own healing as well as development procedure. This promotes a much faster relief process, formerly believed difficult by health care professionals who supported prolonged (& commonly uncomfortable) hrs in psychotherapeutic or treatment, typically with limited results. These techniques do not reject the medical as well as psychotherapeutic careers, yet rather serve to contribute to an alternative recovery procedure.

EFT works to clear such disturbances as well as eliminate the resulting emotional response or strength to recover emotional harmony and also deal remedy for physical discomfort.

This is done by concentrating on the details trouble whilst tapping with fingers on the end points of energy meridians. The mix of sending kinetic energy to our power system, whilst revealing as well as focusing on origin, assists in a "straightening" of the power system thereby removing the "short circuit" to the body's learnt feedback or negative emotion.

It began in 1980, with a psychologist by the name of Roger Callahan, and also a patient with an extreme fear of water. Mary's worry of water controlled her life and maintained her from daily tasks. She was unable to take her youngsters to the beach and also was unable to drive near the ocean; she grew fearful when it drizzled, as well as could not also stand up to the view of water on television. She had brilliant nightmares involving water.

Callahan and also Mary had actually been servicing this issue with each other for over a year. Mary functioned up the courage to rest within sight of the pool at Dr. Callahan's home. Also doing this triggered Mary extreme distress, as well as though she located means to deal with the intense concern as well as emotional pain, she did not overcome her phobia. They discussed her issue, and also ways to conquer it, however without success.

Her anxiety of being near the water created Mary belly pains - a typical "instinct." Dr. Callahan had recently been researching conventional Chinese medications, as well as finding out about meridians. Instantly he had an ideas. Remembering that there was an acupuncture factor for the tummy meridian on the cheekbone, he asked her to touch there, believing it may cure her belly discomforts.

Also a lot more incredibly, her anxiety of water went away, also! She ran down to the swimming pool and also started sprinkling herself with water, celebrating in her newly found freedom from concern.

Based upon this exploration, Dr. Callahan began a collection of examinations to develop and also improve this technique, which he termed Idea Area Therapy. Gary Craig trained under Dr. Callahan's tutoring in the 1990's, discovering the procedures for TFT. As time passed, Craig started to observe some issues with TFT, aspects that he saw were unneeded problems.

TFT needed specialists to touch on a details sequence of meridians (called a formula) for each and every different problem. Identifying the problem required a technique called muscular tissue testing, wherein the professional would certainly determine the relative stamina of a muscle, while the person explored various thoughts or statements.

Gary Craig observed repeated scenarios where the problem was improperly diagnosed or the practitioner touched out the meridian factors in the wrong order, yet the individual was still helped. Based upon these observations, he ended that it did not matter where order the meridian factors were tapped.

Gary created EFT as a simplified, enhanced variation of the concepts behind Callahan's TFT. EFT has one basic, straightforward series of points to tap, no matter what the scenario.

Due to this, thousands of people have actually utilized Touching for diseases and also to fix emotional troubles. Touching specialists have examined the techniques and also trained to take on much more difficult as well as hard cases, and these dedicated practitioners report even more successful applications daily. An increasing number of individuals are discovering as well as exploring Tapping. Several are discovering just how Tapping can change their lives.